Central Of Georgia
District In Alabama
Muscogee County, Georgia
This is a photo tour of the Birmingham District of the Central of Georgia (NS) main.

The tour starts just East of downtown Columbus, Georgia at Muscogee Junction and heads West to Central in Leeds, Alabama.

The page is sectioned off into the individual counties that the line runs through. You'll notice that some of the counties have no pictures at this time.

For a companion to this web page, go to the Frograil.com Central of Georgia
Tour by clicking HERE. Although the actual tours runs in reverse order,
(Central to Muscogee Jct.) it is a great resource.

Includes Muscogee Jct., Columbus & West Columbus, Georgia
MP 291.2 looking West
MP291.2 looking West
The Norfolk Southern yard in downtown Columbus, GA. can be viewed from the 4-lane Spur 22 bridge over the center of the yard. This is the view of the West side of the yard.
A zoom shot from the
Spur 22 bridge over the yard shows the engine service facility. There is ample walking room on the West and East side of the bridge for
pedestrian safety.
Russell County, Alabama
Includes Phenix City, Alabama
Lee County, Alabama
Includes Smiths Station, Bleeker, Salem, Opelika & Gold Ridge, Alabama
Chambers County, Alabama
Includes Waverly, Alabama
Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Includes Camp Hill, Dadeville, Jacksons Gap & Alexander City, Alabama
Coosa County, Alabama
Includes Kellyton, Goodwater & Parkdale, Alabama
Clay County, Alabama
Includes Hollins, Alabama
Talladega County, Alabama
Includes Sylacauga and Childersburg, Alabama
Shelby County, Alabama
Includes Vincent, Calsis & Sterrett, Alabama
Jefferson County, Alabama
Includes Leeds, Alabama
Central (Between Henry Ellen and Leeds) MP 425.7
The end of the line for the CofGa. Central, just West of Leeds at MP 425.7 is where the CofGa merges with the NS East End District at MP 782.7.
Leeds, AL.
In Leeds, this concrete call box
was left next to the original
CofGa RofW after the line was
pulled up and moved just South
of this location. The relocated
CofGa line can be seen behind
the call box in this picture.
Leeds, AL.
A closer view shows the hinges on the door sill. The old roadbed joins the current line just East (Left) of this shot.
MP 424.1, Eastbound, Hwy. 78
NS Train 334 heading slowly East over the wooden trestle in Leeds.
This trestle will be undergoing a complete refurbishment over
the year of 2003 with work
scheduled to begin in Feb.
MP 424, Eastbound
NS Train M99 crosses the trestle in Leeds as it heads out West from Jacksonville, FL.
September, 2000
MP 425.2 Westbound
At MP 425.2, NS Train M99 has just crossed the trestle and is headed toward the junction at Central just East of here.
MP 419.1
The West portal of the 2431' long Coosa Mtn. Tunnel (the Long Tunnel) is seen sometime in the Winter of 1997 while the line was still closed and rail banked.
MP 422.1
The West portal of Oak Tunnel (the Short Tunnel) is a short distance off of (under) Hwy. 25 very near the Jefferson County/Shelby County Line.
The original Central of Georgia sign can still be seen on the South side of the trestle over US Hwy. 78.
MP 424.0 / Lower, East End District MP781.0
The NS East End District crosses under the CofGa line parallel to and just North of US Hwy. 78.
MP 421.9
The East end of the 1198' long 
Oak Tunnel is seen in Nov. 2002.
NS 199 with the 8832 GE
DASH 9-40C exits the West end of Coosa Tunnel. You can see the exhaust being pushed out of the tunnel above the train.
MP 390.0
NS 9013 pulls a Westbound train past the Budweiser Spur at the East end of Sylacauga, AL.
The spur was pulled up and the switch removed on 02/26/03.
This is the area NS calls the Brickyard, since a brick making company use to be located here.

MP 400.3 /  543' Long
Empty spine train NS M99
crosses the concrete trestle
in Childersburg, AL. The track in the foreground is the NS (SOU) Anniston District. The road in the background is
Hwy. 76 through town.
September 2000.
MP 376.5
The West end of the Hatchet Creek
trestle is seen lit by
the afternoon sun.
This trestle was originally
built in the late 1890's.
MP424.1, 666' Long
The Southwest corner of the
trestle is seen here from
track grade. A local road is in the foreground.
MP 291.4, Eastbound
Train 334 arrives in the yard at West Columbus as it crosses under
Lynnwood Blvd.
MP 376.5
NS 334 crosses the 683' long Hatchet Creek Trestle early one morning on its way to Columbus, GA.
MP 400.3
This span of the trestle in Childersburg seen over
Hwy. 76 promotes the industrial possibilities
in the area.
MP 368.3
NS 5252, CNO&TP GP38-2, rolls past the block signal in downtown Kellyton, AL. Eastbound. Alexander City
is just a few more miles.
MP319.6, Eastbound
This Eastbound train with
the 8665 GE C39-8
pulling crosses over the
CSX Atlanta Division A&WP/W of A Subdivision main in Opelika, AL.
MP362.4 Eastbound
In downtown Alex City, this sign was erected to commemorate the arrival of the Savannah & Memphis RR in 1874 from Opelika.
MP 361.3
UP Wings roll on the point of a Westbound NS train
at the East end of the siding
in Alex City, AL.
Casey Thomason brings the Research Train around the curve coming into Alex City.
I had no idea this day that the train was coming into town, so I lucked up here!

MP 375.6
NS M99 in downtown Goodwater, AL. at MP 375.3
at the Hwy. 9 overpass. A severe thunderstorm hits the area just as the train was at the East end switch.
MP 375.4
NS 8698 DASH 8-40C pulls through Goodwater, AL. in the siding on a fine clear winter day. The Hwy. 9 overpass can be seen in
the background.
MP 375.3
NS A48 headed up by a former Conrail unit enters the 7675' siding at the West end of Goodwater. This is the second longest siding on the CofGa. The longest, at 7980',
is in Opelika, AL.
MP 375.3
A very unusual sight, two
Amtrak F40PH engines back
up two NS engines in
Goodwater, AL.
MP 368.3
This hastily snapped photo was of the NS 334 after the meet with the M99. The fire-breathing dragon behind the lead unit was due to the 334 running on red signals due to the severe thunderstorm.
MP 367
NS 6586, SOU SD 60, pulls a Westbound over the CofGa Milepost 367.0 detector.
MP 384.9
Late in the afternoon NS Train 921, "The Rock Train",
runs fast by A 41 in the siding at Trammells. 921 was on its way to New Orleans where the cars were to be placed on top of levees to hold them in place for Hurricane Issadore expected the next morning.
September 2002
MP 398.5
NS 7134 GP60 on train A48, the daily local, pulls past the signal at Bon Air, AL. at MP 398.5.
MP 414.3 Looking West
At MP 414.3 the East end of the 4164' siding can be see in Beulah, AL. just
off of Hwy. 25.
MP 387.5
NS 8421 slowly pulls a train up the hill (East) of Sylacauga as it ascends toward Trammells.

MP 375.5
Billy Suddeth and ol' Charlie D.
pull A41 slowly past the former Sterling Lumber Co. in the 7980' siding in Goodwater.
The main is to the left of the train and the house track is seen on the right.
Eastbound A41 rolls into Alex City past Russell Corp.
Old #1 mill built in the very early 1900's. The green tract between Lee St. on the left
and the main is the roadbed for the former West end siding that was pulled up a few years ago. Only the 5872' siding on the East end survives in Alex City now.
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MP 375.3
A NS work train picks up used rail, ties, etc. before an expected executive high rail trip on the line.
Goodwater, AL.
MP 362.5
A41 heading West through
downtown Alex City, AL.
Broad St. is seen on the left with Aliant Bank
in the background.
MP 340.6
A rare view, for me anyway, of a GE DASH 8 running long hood forward. The 8729 DASH 8-40C and 8034, NW C30-7, were seen in Camp Hill.
MP 381.6
A NS track inspection train
runs fast through Hollins, AL. Eastbound with the 3507, Southern B30-7A,
at the head end.
This caboose was seen sitting in the West end of the yard.
MP 363.9
The 9490 leads Westbound
M99 past Russell Pipe Shop
in Alex City as it tries to out run a storm.
MP 366.2
The storm closes in fast as M99 heads toward the
Washington Street bridge on it's way toward Goodwater and a meet with NS 334.
MP 309.6
NS local Train A48 gets under way after picking up 3 loaded wood chip cars in Salem, AL.
MP 362.8
Two UP engines lead
NS Train 191 West as it passes by Russell Corp.
Old # 1 mill in Alex City.
MP 363.3
After an overnight snowfall where we received about 2",
Train A48 picks up the empty
and heads towards
Columbus, GA.
MP 362.4
NS 334 passes in front of the former depot in
Alex City, AL. This is now the fire department.
The NS 8816 C40-9 is
at the lead.
MP 362.3
This sign tells the history of the railroad into Alex City. The sign can be see in front of Carlisle Drugs.
MP 341
In Camp Hill, AL., NS 334
rolls East with the Southern
Scale Test Car 992551 and the
Southern X427 caboose.
November, 2001.
MP 365
NS 334 rolls past MP 365 parallel to Washington St.
in Alexander City text.
UP 6421 DASH 9-C40W
leads two UP SD90MAC's,
8231 & 866, through
Hollins, AL.
Photo: Gary Bradford
MP 361.7
NS 9664 in the siding under the Tallapoosa Street (Hwy. 22) bridge in
Alex City, AL.
MP 362.6
NS 8706, SOU DASH 8-40C, with a newly painted white roof and sun visors rolls Eastbound through Alex City.
MP 341
A NS train headed East rolls fast through Camp Hill, AL.
MP 401.3 / 804' Long
The 804' Coosa River Trestle is seen undergoing renovation in preparation to delete the 10 mph slow order. New larger footings can be seen in this photo.
MP 401.3
For comparison,
I included this shot of the original footings. This pier is near the East side of the bridge. The previous shot is on the West side.
MP 401.3
Temporary supports were built so that the new spans could be constructed beside the existing spans.
MP 401.3
The first new span has been built. The old spans will be blown and the new spans slid in place.
Photo: Gary Bradford
NS M98 heads East with three KCS motors as it passes by the depot in Opelika, AL.
In Gold Ridge (Gold Hill) NS 199 is seen flying past country homes on it's way with a meet in Royal City with local train NS A41.
NS 199 crosses over Alabama Hwy. 51 just West of Royal City. NS local A41 is waiting in the siding at Royal City for 199 to pass.
MP 361.5
NS 9558 leads a East bound train out of town on the East side of Alex City.
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The American Orient Express crosses the Chattahoochee River Eastbound from Phenix City, AL. running 3 hours late.
Westbound Train 335 with a ATSF motor passes through Mignon (Sylacauga) in front of B.B.Comer High School.
This thermometer is seen hanging on a pole over the CofGa line at the depot in Opelika. There's no telling how old this baby is and what it's seen over the years!
Chattahoochee River
Leeds, AL
Opelika, AL
Royal City, AL
NS 199 heads past the Royal City sign post East toward Columbus, GA.
MP 391.4
Gold Ridge, AL
MP 318.1
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Calpine Spur off of Washington Street
NS Train 052
brings a second Seimans-Weshinghouse
load into the Calpine spur.
Muscogee County, Georgia. Includes Muscogee Junction, Columbus & West Columbus.
Lee County, Alabama. Includes Smiths Station, Bleeker, Salem, Opelika & Gold Ridge.
Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Includes Camp Hill, Dadeville, Jacksons Gap & Alexander City.
Coosa County, Alabama. Includes Kellyton, Goodwater & Parkdale.
Clay County, Alabama. Includes Hollins.
Talladega County, Alabama. Includes Sylacauga & Childersburg.
Shelby County, Alabama. Includes Vincent, Calsis & Sterret.
Jefferson County, Alabama. Includes Leeds.
Deck removale over US Hwy. 78.
Looking West
New portion of the deck.
Track Removal.
This photo shows the wooded trestle almost completely replaced by a new concrete and steel trestle except for the portion over US Hwy. 78.
US Hwy. 78 was shut down for several hours during replacement of the final section. Here, the tracks are lifted off of the old span and placed temporarily onto Hwy. 78.
Next, the old deck was removed and the remaining wood was cleared off by a backhoe.
Finally, four huge concrete spans were placed into the gap and the tracks were re-laid and welded into place.
East Portal
The east portal of the Coosa Tunnel is a short walk from Shelby Co. Rd. 491.
Waverly, AL
This East bound NS 336 was headed up by a CSX motor as it passes under this great wooden bridge in Waverly, AL.
Parkdale, AL
A very rare 4" to 6" of snow is on the ground as NS 334 heads East in Parkdale, AL just outside of Goodwater, AL.
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The last Grandluxe Journey passenger train to travel the    P-Line before the companies bankruptcy is seen over the Chattahoochee River.
The Grandluxe Journeys train passes West through the town of Gold Ridge, AL with Casey Thomason at the throttle.
The last Grandluxe Jouneys Train rolls fast through Jacksons Gap, AL heading West towards Birmingham.
A East bound NS Train leaves Alabama and enters Columbus, GA crossing the Chattahoochee River.
Waverly, AL
NS 9116 leads a train through Waverly, AL headed towards Columbus, GA.