Nose shot of the former SP 3374, now Kyle 1756 sitting in the EARY yard.
I just found out (11/07/02) that this engine is for sale.
EARY train switching
between Gantt's Jct.
and Hwy. 280.
Sylacauga, AL
EARY'S 1756 GP9E sits in the yard awaiting service. The 1756 was originally the SP 5689 GP9. It was renumbered in 1965 as the 3522 then rebuilt in 1/73 to a GP9E and re-numbered to the 3374. The unit was retired by SP in 12/87.
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This 1510 waits for
the air to build up to
release the brakes.
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EARY Yard, Gantt's Junction
Gantt's Junction (Sylacauga) AL.
Kyle 1756
EARY 1510
EARY's 1510 sits quietly
in the yard on a
Sunday afternoon.
NS Interchange
The 1510 is seen here interchanging with NS in Sylacauga, AL.
This is the sign at the entrance to EARY's office and yard in Sylacauga, AL.
You Are Visitor
Since Oct. 11, 2001.
Sylacauga, AL.
Sylacauga, AL.
The EARY 1510 is seen switching behind Wendy's in
Sylacauga, AL.
Photo by Gary Bradford
of Lineville, AL.
The former Southern Pacific GP-9 owned by the EARY is seen in Sylacauga, AL.
Photo by Gary Bradford.
Rusty Cab
Gary took this up close shot of the EARY 1510 showing the ratty condition all of the EARY's power is in.
EARY 1756
The 1756 seen working the industries in Sylacauga, Al.
Photo by Gary Bradford.
EARY 1510
Switching Imery's
I lucked up and caught this EARY train working Georgia Marble one early morning.
The 1511 leads the way.
Gantt's Jct.
A new siding can be seen sweeping to the right behind a new fertilizer plant just off of Hwy. 280 in Sylacauga.
EARY 1511
The EARY 1511 is seen here pulling past the new derail on the new spur.
The switch and rails were
laid to service a new
fertilizer plant that was built
just North of U.S.Hwy. 280.

EARY 1757
The EARY 1757, still with the KYLE logo on it's long hood, rests quietly on a Sunday.
The 1757, formerly the SP 5717, was built in 5/56. In 1965 it was re-numbered as the 3548.
Re-built in 10/74 to a GP9E & renumbered the 3406, the SP retired the unit in 12/87.
Sylacauga, AL
Former Kiamichi RR 1001 shoves the cars into the interchange with NS in downtown Sylacauga, AL.
Built in 03/56, as the NYC GP9 7396, this engine was later the
Penn Central 7396. Conrail later had the motor as the 7396 and in '78 had it rebuilt into a GP10 and renumbered to the 7553.
Sylacauga, AL.
Just a few feet from the Police and Fire Department in Sylacauga, AL,
the newly acquired Kiamichi RR GP-10 1001 shoves by the switch lining the train into the NS interchange and off of the main line.
The Kiamichi 1001 is reflected in a small pool left by recent
snows in the Deep South.
This engine is a GP10 rebuilt from a GP9. Conrail was the previous owner.
Shield on 1001
The great looking shield on the 1001 stands out like
a sore thumb in the sunshine.
Train 1 continues backing into the interchange track so that the local NS Train can pick it up later.

(Both the 1001 and 1002 are
gone from the EARY roster)
Kiamichi 1002
The Kiamichi 1002 arrived the evening of 02/07/02. This engine was built in 12/56 as the NYC 6009 later to be numbered the 7409 under the NYC and PC banners. Conrail kept the 7409 when it took possession of the motor until it was also rebuilt in '78 to a GP10 and renumbered the CR 7552.
Newly acquired
New England Central
4048 and 4049 GP40-1's work the yard in Gantt's Jct. outside of Sylacauga, AL.
April, 2002.
Sylacauga, AL.
The NECR 4049 and 4048 is seen here shoving a string of cars into the CofGa siding in Sylacauga, AL. for the NS to pick up later.
Gantt's Quarry
The EARY has begun placing new signs on their tracks like this one at Gantt's Quarry. The sign is just North of the EARY's offices.
Sylacauga, AL.
The EARY is ready to deliver these two GE 110 and 115-ton switchers to the adjacent Imery's Plant. They were recently refurbished at the Birmingham Locomotive & Rail shops in Bessemer, AL.
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American Color Graphics
The newly acquired 2176, a
Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway
engine, and the NECR 4049
switch American Color Graphics
just outside of the entrance to
Imery's in Gantt's Jct.
(Now gone from roster.)
The 2176, a GP-30M, was built in Oct. 1963. It is the former CSX 4230 and before that it was the C&O 3040.
Here, the assembled train waits for crew to pull the train onto Talladega for the interchange with CSX.
(Now gone from roster.)
Setting Sun
The setting sun makes a great backdrop for the waiting EARY train, although the camera didn't do it justice here.
Gone From Roster
The 1551 GP-7 built in 1953 by GMD as # A414, was the ex-Quebec, North Shore & Labrador #118 motor. Precision National Corporation of Mt. Vernon, IL. purchased this unit and ran it in lease service in Canada and the US. The C&NW purchased it in 1976 along with 18 other GP7's due to shortage of power. It was renumbered to the C&NW 4358. The 4358 was traded to GE in 1989.
Nose On The Ground.
Just a few days later, I found this sad sight. The 1551's long hood was on the ground and the generator and engine were completely gone.
The EARY also had a engine numbered 1550 that was also a former QNS&L # 121. It was one of the 19 purchased by the C&NW and renumbered the 4351. It left the EARY roster in late 2001.
Prime Mover
Here the engine and generator (just out of the picture) is seen loaded up on a flatbed to be hauled off. No info is known about the status.
Imery's, Gantt's Jct.
The 1002 GP10 has just pulled three cars in on the marble lead into Imery's yard limits early evening,
(Now gone from roster.)
Sylacauga, AL.
The 4049 is a GP40-1 built as
a GP40 in 12/70 that was originally owned by the B&O RR and later the Chessie System and numbered 3750. Through mergers the CSX acquired the motor and numbered it 6526.
The NECR got the engine in
1995 and renumbered it the 4049.
Sylacauga, AL.
The 4048, a GP40 built in 03/69 for the B&O as the 3722, was sold in May '84 to the Capital Corp. (GSCX, GATX) but kept it's number. The CP leased the unit from '84 to '88 and the BN leased it where it was renumbered the 3080. Railtex got the motor and in '95 and in '99 renumbered it the 4048. Notice the slogan under the cab window.
Sylacauga, AL.
The two Kiamichi units switch the EARY yard on a very dreary day just off of
U.S. Hwy. 280 in
Sylacauga, AL.
(Now gone from roster.)
Imery's Switching
The NECR 4048 GP40 and the Kiamichi 1002 GP10 shoves a string of cars into Imery's on the Marble Lead.
Sylacauga, AL.
The EARY 4049 waits in
downtown Sylacauga for a NS train to cross the diamond before it can proceed to the interchange track.
Received 02-10-03
Seen the morning of delivery, the Alabama Gulf Coast 2184 and the 2182, both GP30M's, are seen resting in the EARY yard.
(Now gone from roster.)
New Sanding Tower
The 2184 was originally the B&O 6957 and later the CSX 4262. The 2182 was originally the B&O 6929 and later the CSX 4245. Both motors were built in 1962.
(Now gone from roster.)
Transfer Table
Transfer Table
This transfer table is at the back (West) end of the yard.
The side view shows the wheels and the rails that the transfer table runs on.
Sylacauga, AL
Sylacauga, AL
Sylacauga, AL
The newest edition to the EARY "fleet" of engines, the former Alabama Gulf Coast Railroad 4005 GP40 is seen helping work a train inside the Imery's plant in Gantt's Jct., AL.
The new engine was delivered to the EARY via CSX tracks on April 22, 2004. It's seen here in downtown Sylacauga after shoving a string of cars through the interchange with NS's CofGa tracks.
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NCVA 1326
The North Carolina & Virginia Railroad 1326, a GP7u, is seen with three more of it's RailAmerica brethen.
NCVA 1326
The NCVA 1326 began life as the High Hood GP7 ATSF 2793 in 1952. It was later re-numbered the 1326. The Texas & New Mexico took delivery later, and then NCVA, and now the EARY.
CPDR 3891
This Carolina Piedmont 3891 started out as the High Hood Southern 2793, later to be part of NS using the same number. RailAmerica took the motor and renumbered it the 738 before going to the CPDR.
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