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Alexander City at curve on Washington Street in front of Russell Corp.
NS Train 187 went into
emergency braking when the 29th car dropped a bracket holding the air hose.
Alexander City, AL.
Two primer units head West through Alexander City, AL.
Churchhill Ave. in Leeds, AL.
Former Conrail, NS 6802 pulls through Leeds, AL. from Atlanta on it's way to Birmingham, AL.
Off of US Hwy. 78.
NS 8782 Dash 9-40C, a SP, and a Rio Grande leads a double stack train toward Atlanta in Edwardsville, AL.
Heflin, AL.
West of Heflin, AL, NS 8717 Dash 9-40C, UP 4813, and FURX 3034 pulls a train
over the mountain towards
Anniston and Birmingham.
Alexander City on Lee Street in front of Russell Corp.
Pinecrest Drive on the North end of Childersburg.
A NS train sits on the lead to Coosa Pines waiting for a crew to arrive. This is the US Army's track that was built during WWII to service the former ammunition plant. Norfolk Southern and CSX now use this track to service the Bowater Paper Mill.
9th Ave. SW in downtown Childersburg.
This train headed up by the 7035, 7140, & 7016, sits in Childersburg, AL. on the old Southern Anniston Division N-Line.
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9th Ave. SW in downtown Childersburg.
A closer view of the 7140 GP-60 Operation Lifesaver engine.
Norfolk Southern Drive inside Norris Yard in Irondale, AL.
The 1615, NW SD-40, is seen with a rock train inside E. Norris Yard,
Irondale, AL.
Norfolk Southern Drive inside Norris Yard in Irondale, AL.
The 3510, a GE B30-7, sits in front of the engine house inside Norris Yard,
Irondale, AL.
1st Ave. North, Irondale, AL.
In Norris Yard, the 2387 MP15DC awaits the switch to be thrown.
Norfolk Southern Drive, Irondale, AL.
The hump tower in
E. Norris Yard.
1st Ave. South in Irondale, AL.
A former Southern crane sits in Norris Yard.
I was told this crane may be donated to the
City of Irondale.
1st Ave. North, Irondale, AL.
Two EMD MP15DC switchers and a RD E4U slug works the yard in
Irondale, AL.
Norfolk Southern Drive, Irondale, AL.
Front view of the engine service facility at Norris Yard.
NS 2792, Southern GP38, crosses the CSX diamond in Calera, AL on the Southern RY Anniston District N-Line. This train is heading toward Wilton, AL.
Washington Street on the West end of town in front of Robinson Foundry.
An Operation Lifesaver EMD GP 59 heads up a Eastbound train in front of Robinson Foundry.
Alexander City, AL.
Behind the NS depot off of AL. Hwy. 21 in downtown Sylacauga.
NS Track Inspection & Development Cab
#48 races through
Sylacauga, AL.
Northeast of Childersburg at the intersection of Grist Mill Road and Kylmulga Road.
A train bound for Talladega, AL rolls past Kylmulga Grist Mill, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Southern Street in downtown Childersburg.
Seen in Childersburg crossing under the CofGa concrete trestle, the 2759, SOU GP38, is highlighted
by the afternoon sun.
Southern Street in downtown Childersburg.
The full moon is already up as a NS train bound for Wilton, AL.
crosses under the CofGa main and will then cross under
U.S. Hwy. 280.
Childersburg, AL.
Amtrak Station platform on Morris Ave. in downtown Birmingham, AL.
This NS trains was shot while standing on the platform at
the Amtrak Station in
Birmingham, AL.
12th Steet NE on the North end of Childersburg.
NS 9154 seen idling
on the siding in
Childersburg, AL.
12th Steet NE on the North end of Childersburg.
NS 6500, NW GP50 and the SP
(UP) 8366 sits in the siding at
Childersburg, AL.
Downtown Alex City at Lila's Engraving on Jefferson Street.
A Saint Louis Southwestern
engine leads the local A48
Eastbound toward Columbus.

Downtown Alex City on Broad Street.
Close up of the SSFL 9023 and 9024 as they roll East toward
Columbus, GA.
Downtown Alex City on Broad Steet.
Two South Central Florida
units look strange on a normally all black consist of a NS train in Alex City, AL.
19 St. overpass looking West in downtown Birmingham, AL.
The 6522, CG SD50, leads a train past a slow moving CSX train at the Amtrak station in
Birmingham, AL.
Downtown Alexander City looking West at Lila's Engraving.
The main line at the West end of Alex City as seen out of
a Dash 9.
East end of Goodwater at the beginning of the siding behind the Kimberly Clark mill.
At the East end of Goodwater, an Eastbound train has the main while we take the siding.
Downtown Goodwater looking at the Alabama Hwy. 9 overpass.
Arriving in downtown Goodwater.
In the siding in downtown Goodwater in front of the BP C-store on Coosa County Rd. 511.
A48 was also waiting on the main for us to pass.
The control stand of the
DASH 9-40CW.
Southern Pacific Controls
Control stand of the trailing
Southern Pacific locomotive.
6613 damage
The damaged 6613 in
Columbus, GA after a
runaway iron pellet car
rolled 6 miles back into the
yard and struck this engine.
NS 6613 damage
This is a better view of the 6613 SD60 and the damage it sustained. The engine was occupied at the time, but no one was hurt.
Alexander City across from Lila's Engraving.
NS 9600 leads a train East through Alexander City, AL.
Kellyton, AL. in the house track that was once a passing siding.
This and another brush cutter worked the CofGa for over a week in March of 2003.
Downtown Alex City in front of Piggly Wiggly on Jefferson Steet.
NS (CR) engine 3631 pulls a Westbound train through
Alex City, AL.
1st Ave. North in downtown Irondale, AL.
A NS train is seen with a load of auto carriers and frames backing into
Norris Yard.
Downtown Alex City on Broad Steet.
Two Chattahoochee Ind. RR
roll through Alex City on
a transfer run.
Alexander City, AL.
The CIRR GP9's were a unusual sight set against the black of the Norfolk Southern.
Saluda, NC.
In Saluda, NC at the top of the grade of the steepest standard gauge mainline in the US at 5.03%. This line was built by the Southern Rwy. and is now owned my NS, although at this time it is out of service.
Pulliam Street on the West end of Talladega.
A semaphore on the old
Southern line in
Talladega, AL.
Anniston, AL.
Still in primer, NS 9542 rolls through Anniston, AL.
Photo: Gary Bradford
Anniston, AL.
Gary Bradford got this great shot of the NS 9234 pulling a long train in Anniston.
Alex City, AL. standing in the parking lot for the now closed Russell Pipe Shop off of Washington Street on the West end of town.
NS local train A48 with the 9601 catches a morning breeze through the open door of the DASH 9.
Lila's Engraving on Jefferson Steet in Alex City, AL.
Former Conrail 5262 in the Operation Lifesaver scheme is the second motor on an Eastbound NS train in the siding in Alex City.
Downtown Alex City on Broad Steet.
Alex City Police and Alabama State Troopers question the crew of NS 199 after a lady walked out in front of the train in Alex City.
The woman died the next day in Russell Hospital in town.
Goodwater, AL. on Railroad Steet looking East.
UP 6421 DASH 9-C40W
leads two UP SD90MAC's,
8231 & 866, through
Goodwater, AL.
Gary Bradford took this shot.
1st Ave. South in Irondale, AL.
Gary Bradford took this great shot of the 9621 paused in front of the
Irondale Cafe.
1st Ave. South in Irondale, AL.
NS 9034 waits while another train passes in Irondale, AL.
Gary Bradford
E. Norris Yard, Irondale, AL
Slug 959 seen in
E. Norris Yard in Irondale.
Gary Bradford took this photo.
Columbus, GA
Operation Lifesaver engine located in the East end of the NS (CofGa) yard in
Columbus, GA.
Anniston, AL.
NS 6118, NW SD40-2, running long hood forward was caught by Gary as it passed the Anniston
Amtrak Station.
Phenix City, AL.
Dan Bruner sent me this picture of the derailed train in Phenix City, AL. A loaded dump truck ran into the side of the train while stopped for switching. The driver was killed, as the cab of the truck was totally crushed.
Phenix City, AL
The impact of the truck caused 10 cars to be derailed. The truck was estimated to be traveling around 75 mph.
Photo by Dan Bruner.
Behind Lila's Engraving off of Jefferson Steet in Alex City, AL.
At milepost 362 in downtown Alex City, AL. NS Train 199 meets Eastbound 198, which is in the siding.
Under the Alabama Steet bridge on Hillabee Steet on the East end of town in Alex City.
This car, about 6th from the end, derailed under the
Hwy. 22 bridge on the 199.
20th Street North and 1st Ave. North in downtown Irondale, AL.
This NS train is seen entering
E. Norris Yard in Irondale.
The observation platform is a great place to watch NS trains!
East end of Alexander City in front of Avondale Mills.
NS inspection train headed up by the former Conrail NS 5350 running fast Eastbound in
Alex City, AL.
August 2001.
Alexander City on East  end of town at the 6th Steet crossing.
The inspection train approaches the 6th Street crossing in front of
Avondale Mills Beville Plant.
Jackson's Gap, AL off of US Hwy. 280.
NS A41, the Westbound local, switches empty wood chip hoppers at the chip mill in Jackson's Gap, AL.
August 2001
32nd Steet at Sloss Furnace.
A pig train heads toward Irondale at the 32nd Street Crossing in Birmingham, AL.
August 2001.
32nd Street, Birmingham, AL
This NS coal train was also seen at the 32nd Street
Crossing. Sloss Furnace can be seen in the background
of both pictures.
August 2001.
Alexander City, AL. at Lee Steet Crossing in front of Russell Corp.
The NS Engine Simulator is
seen in Alexander City at No. 6
crossing along with a GP38-2.
Lee Street crossing in front of Russell Corp.
The engine simulator was used to show local police and fire authorities what to expect from the railroad should an emergency arise.
Coosa County Road 87 West of Goodwater, AL.
The driver of this truck was killed when it flipped after hitting the tracks. He was thrown out of the vehicle. High speed and DUI were the factors.
On Lee Steet in front of Russell Corp.
NS A48 passes CofGa
MP 363 in Alex City displaying a large American Flag on the nose.
W. 9th Street in downtown Columbus, GA
NS's M&G District trestle over the Chattahoochee River begins in Columbus, GA at M.P. S292.6.
The line here runs down the street through the historic section.
Mead Road off of AL. Hwy. 165 South of Phenix City, AL.
At the end of the line on NS's Mahrt Branch, the yard for Mead Corp. huge plant can be seen from a bridge entering the company.
Lee Street Crossing, Alexander City, AL
NS 9366 C40-9W was seen on the point of NS 334 in Alex City. This unit had a engine fire recently and has not been re-painted yet.
State Docks Road off of Brickyard Road South of Phenix City, AL.
The Chattahoochee Valley
Grain Elevator at the AL. State Docks South of Phenix City, AL.
This spur into the docks runs off of the M&G District line.
Russell County Road 61 (Brickyard Road) South of Phenix City, AL.
The Borel Brick Plant 4 on Brickyard Road (Co. Rd. 61)
South of Phenix City is worked from the M&G Line.
Alex City across from Lila's Engraving off of Jefferson Steet.
NS 334 rolls past Lila's
Engraving in Alex City with NS 9252 25th
Anniversary Operation
Lifesaver engine. One of 7 C40-9W's in the OLS paint.
Austell, GA
The John W. Whitaker intermodal terminal in Austell, GA. opened on July, 30, 2001.
Situated on 450 acres, the facility features four loading and unloading tracks, 26,000 feet of
support tracks, 3,200 parking spots for 12x53-foot trailers, 360 spaces for container stacking, six inbound/outbound lanes for trucks and convenient access to Interstate 20.

Photo By Dan Bruner
Photo By Dan Bruner
Dan Bruner took this
picture of the UP 4061
at the point of NS 199 in Columbus, GA.
Another photo by
Dan Bruner showing
NS 199 leaving Columbus
with the BNSF 4439 leading the train.
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18th Street N. at Alabama Ave. in downtown Bessemer, AL.
NS 74K rolls past the depot in
Bessemer, AL. with a 67
Alabama Power cars heading to
the steam plant in Wilsonville, AL.
Pulling are the 9688, the 9694 & 9558, all DASH 9-40CW's
Alexander City, AL. in front of Avondale Mills on East end of town.
NS 053 pulls into Alex City with the largest yet High/Wide load. This is a dedicated train pulling nothing but the load.
East Alexander City in front of Avondale Mills.
The 053 moves slowly with a high/wide load through the East end of the siding after meeting local A48
NS 053
A close-up of the Siemens-
Westinghouse load. It arrived from Ontario, Canada via CN and then into Birmingham on BNSF, then NS handled it from there to Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, and to here.
Alexander City, AL
NS 053 stops in town to line the switch so it can move out of the siding.
At the intersection of Commerce Drive and Washington Steet on West end of Alexander City.
Alexander City, AL
NS 053 ran this caboose to house the workers in charge
of moving the load safely.
NS 053 blocks Commerce Drive as it slowly backs off the CofGa main and into the new spur Calpine built to receive these loads.
At the intersection of Commerce Drive and Washington Street on the West end of Alex City.
NS officials check the
progress of backing
the huge car into the spur.
Alexander City, AL
NS 053 positions the load
under the crane that will lift
it off the car.
AL. Hwy. 63, Alex City
This load had to be moved out
of the spur before receiving the
other load. Both of these are so
big it takes both transports to
move them to the build site.
Jefferson Street
The loads move at a maximum
of 5 mph and at a average of 2mph.
The back of the load here moves
past the intersection of Hwy. 63
and Dobbs Road where I live.
On Sunday the load has
been loaded on the two
transports to be moved on
Monday to the job site.
Calpine Spur
The train had nothing to do with the accident!
East end of Alex City in front of Avondale Mills.
On Train 334, this BDLX 8466 C32-8 was seen as the trailing unit. This is a
former CR motor that was painted gray
for ballast train use. Only 10 were built and CR got them all. NS retired all 10.
BDLX bought this unit for their
Junction City, GA. mine switcher.
14th Steet at the NS grade crossing in downtown Bessemer.
NS rock train 61G rolls under the abandoned portion of the CSX Lineville Sub in Bessemer, AL. Notice the ACL RR logo on the trestle. CSX's Lineville Sub now merges with the S&NA sub in Parkwood just South of this location.
16th Steet N. in Ensley, AL
NS 3289 running long hood forward awaits orders to leave the Southern Rwy. Finley Yard.
You can see the Finley Yard
office and in the background is a portion of ACIPCO.
Bessemer, AL.
I found this old Southern Rwy.
sign just behind US Pipe's plant in Bessemer, AL.
North Main Ave. in downtown Sylacauga.
The famous Charlie D. waves as the NS Local A48 pulls East out of Sylacauga, AL. on their way to Columbus, GA.
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Night Shift! Ugh
Here's a shot of Cleo and Charlie D. late at night in the cab of one of the local trains on the CofGa line.
Columbus Yard
Billy Suddeth wishing he could pilot this beauty in
Columbus, GA.
A Warrior & Gulf Navigation Co. barge navigates up the Tombigbee River in Jackson, AL. This drawbridge is on the NS 3-B South District line from Marion Jct. to Mobile. The dark clouds are from Tropical Storm Bill that hit the are the next day.
Landing Road South of downtown Jackson, AL.
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East Central Alabama Area
This section covers the area in and around:
Goodwater, Kellyton, Alexander City, Jacksons Gap and Dadeville.
These photos are all from the NS Central of Georgia (CofGa)
P-Line that runs between Columbus, GA and Birmingham, AL.
More in-depth coverage is found HERE on my Central of Georgia Page.
This section covers the area in and around:
Anniston, Choccolocco, Heflin, Edwardsville and on to the Georgia State Line on the NS East End District,
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Anniston Area
Sylacauga Area
This section covers the area in and around:
Sylacauga, Bon Air, Childersburg, Talladega and Wilton.
Lines covered are the NS Central of Georgia (CofGa)
P-Line from Columbus, GA to Birmingham, AL and the
very old Southern (SOU) N-Line from Anniston to Wilton, AL.
For more on the CofGa, visit my Central of Georgia page HERE.
Columbus, GA Area
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John Rogers Drive
These NS engines were seen switching cars under John Rogers Drive in Irondale, AL.
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