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Birmingham, AL.
Birmingham, AL.
ABC Coke engine
switching cars from
Boyles Yard (CSX),
Birmingham, AL.
Drummond Co. Inc.
owns the railroad.
Birmingham, AL.
Opelika, AL.
Pine Belt Southern Railroad
engine 3896 (former NS)
with a train load of wood chip
gons bound for Opelika.
Opelika, AL.
The Pine Belt Southern 3896 sits with its train waiting for the CSX local to clear off the main at
Lee Timber Co.
Birmingham, AL.
A portion or the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus sits at the CSX 32nd St.
yard in Birmingham, AL.
Birmingham, AL.
Looking down the length of two tracks full of the RBBB Red Train.
Birmingham, AL.
An open auto rack is included in the lineup for the Red Train.
32nd Street Yard
In the morning sun, a good view of the cars is seen from the end
of the 32nd Street Yard.
Birmingham, AL.
Sperry Rail Service 123
in Birmingham, AL. near
32nd Street.
East Thomas Yard
From the bridge on US Hwy. 78
looking into East Thomas Yard.
This is the BNSF (former Frisco)
yard. Notice the BN caboose in the center of the picture.
Montgomery, AL.
Industrial switcher located
on the road to the
Alabama State Docks,
Montgomery, AL.
Tuscaloosa, AL.
These Kansas City Southern engines were seen in the KCS yard in Tuscaloosa, AL.
Tuscaloosa, AL
KCS 4745, at the other end of the four idling engines.
East Thomas Yard, Birmingham
BNSF 2355 GP38 & 6382 SD40-2 switching cars from the Birmingham Southern
line into the former Frisco East Thomas Yard.
East Thomas Yard
HLCX 6511, this SD40M-3 in a SD45 shell, is seen in Thomas Yard in Ensley.
East Thomas Yard
LMX 8574 is also seen
in Thomas Yard this
same day.
Columbus, GA.
Georgia Southwestern Railroad
1352, Slug 4167, & 3813 seen
outside the Tom's factory in
Columbus, GA.
That's my son, Andy.
Columbus, GA.
Both of the GSWR engines were extremely clean!
Tuscaloosa, AL.
Midsouth engine numbers
1068 and 1060 work outside the KCS yard in
Tuscaloosa, AL.
Midsouth train shot from
opposite angle.
Calera, AL.
Calera & Shelby RR
number 1850, a former
U.S. Army switcher, shoves
a string of passenger cars
back into the Heart of Dixie
Rail Museum depot.
Birmingham, AL.
Birmingham, AL.
West of Anniston, AL.
Thomas Yard
Thomas Yard
Alexander City, AL.
Goodwater, AL.
Gadsden, AL.
Gadsden, AL.
Gadsden, AL.
This MP 15 was seen
switching the ACIPCO
just north of East Thomas Yard.
Another view of the
Thanks to Mike Gilmore for the information on these two pictures.
Amtrak 19, the Crescent,
curves toward Leeds, AL on it's way to New Orleans.
The view of the BNSF
(former Frisco) Thomas Yard
from the US Hwy. 78 bridge.
The former BN 2329 GP38 and SF 6382 SD40-2 seen from the bridge over the West end of Thomas Yard.
A Gulf States Steel engines
works the NS yard in
Gadsden, AL.
Both these shots were
taken from a overpass just outside the plants limits.
Looking into the Gulf States Steel entrance.
Sperry Rail Service
145 (Bob McGuire)
waiting in the house track
in Alex City.
A LORAM rail grinder
ties down in the
house track in
Goodwater, AL.
SRS 145
View of the front of the
SRS rail inspection car.
New Orleans, LA.
Two New Orleans Public Belt
engines entering the
French Quarter in
New Orleans, LA.
Panama City, FL.
The Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay
(The Bay Line) engine house
off of US Hwy. 231 in
Panama City, Fl.
Anniston, AL.
Amtrak 814 sits in the
Anniston, AL. station at the head of Train 20.
Mobile, AL.
The Sunset Limited arrives
at the Amtrak station in
Mobile, AL. The complex the train is coming through is the
Mobile Convention Center.
Calera, AL.
Calera & Shelby Railroad
# 2022 prepares to leave
the station with The Santa Train
in tow. This is an annual event.
Mobile, AL.
A Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
engine sits quietly in
Mobile, AL.
Mobile, AL.
The same engine broadside to
the early morning sun.
Mobile, AL.
Terminal Rail Road
Alabama State Docks 802 works on a Sunday morning in Mobile, AL.
Panama City, FL.
This Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay 509 GP38 switches the yard parallel to U.S. Hwy. 231 in
Panama City, FL.
Cottondale, FL.
Two Qwest engines are
seen tied down in the siding
in Cottondale, FL. near the
The Bay Line and CSX diamond
just of Hwy. 231.
Birmingham, AL.
This switcher was seen in
a scrap yard just outside of
the South end of CSX's
Boyles Yard in Birmingham.
A portion of the Ensley iron
works seen from the
Hwy. 269 bridge in Ensley.
Left Behind
This engine, left in the
Ensley Works, is sitting
rusting away.
Ensley, AL
This switcher and another one
like it are just below the bridge
over the old Ensley Works.
You can just make out the
USS (U.S. Steel) emblem on the open doors.
SINCE OCT. 11, 2001
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Dillsboro, NC.
Dillsboro, NC.
Great Smoky Mountains
Railroad 1702 awaits
passengers to load.
The GSMR excursion train
prepares to depart for the Nantahala River Gorge.
All Aboard!
The GSMR departs town while this employee flags the crossing.
Nantahala River
GSMR 1702 works up heavy
steam as the train is pulled by the "take out" of the
Nantahala River at Wesser, NC.
Chattanooga, TN.
The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum yard as seen through the locked gate on a Sunday afternoon.
Tennesse Valley Rail Museum
The TVRM was closed this day when I stopped by.
Bessemer, AL.
This US Pipe engine is on static display outside of their complex in Bessemer, AL.
Alexander City, AL.
The American Orient Express
rolls through Alex City West
on its way to Birmingham.
AOE Train 021
A closer view of Train 021
in Alex City.
Goodwater, AL.
From the Hwy. 9 bridge in
Goodwater, AL. Train 021 continues on to Birmingham.
At milepost 387.6, the AOE comes down Trammells Hill
East of Sylacauga, AL.
New Hampshire
This Grand Trunk snow plow
was seen around North Conway, NH. in 1988.
Phenix City, AL.
Phenix City, AL.
Smiths, AL.
Tie Tack
Various Keys
This shot sent in by
Dan Bruner of Columbus, GA
shows the AOE rolling slowly through Phenix City, AL
The end of the AOE rolls on Westbound toward
Birmingham, AL.
Photo: Dan Bruner
Dan caught the AOE
again in Smiths, AL.

This 1967 SCL tie tack was
given to me by a friends dad.
He retired with CSX several years ago.
This collection of keys
was also given to me.
Ensley, AL
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Thomas Yard
Gary Bradford took this zoom photo of two BNSF engines, the 8261 SD75M and the 1106 DASH 9-44CW in Thomas Yard.
Alabaster, AL
Gary Bradford took this zoom photo of two BNSF engines, the 8261 SD75M and the 1106 DASH 9-44CW
in Thomas Yard.
Bessemer, AL.
I ran across this very old
Tennessee Coal Iron & RR Co.
car in Bessemer, AL. It can be seen at the intersection of Morgan Rd. and Hwy. 150
south of town.
Bessemer, AL.
The markings plainly identify the car. "BS" is stenciled on the end doors identifying it as a former Birmingham Southern owned car.
Bessemer, AL
The Wrecking Crew, a HO Model railroad group, uses this boxcar as its home in Bessemer, AL.
Calera & Shelby Railroad
The entrance to the
Heart of Dixie RR Museum, the State of Alabama's official railroad museum, in Calera, AL.
Calera & Shelby Railroad
Here the Calera & Shelby
Railroad # 2019 is pushing the Pumpkin Patch
Special toward its destination.
Calera & Shelby Railroad
The C&SRR 2019 was used on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2001, for the Pumpkin Patch Special.
My son Andy, 12, and my daughter Kris, 6, is in front of the 2019.
Clark Yard, Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera, AL.
The West end of Clark Yard at the Heart of Dixie RR.
Here you can see the Fairbanks & Morse engine in the middle and a Jim Walters Corp. engine to the left.
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
This Southern Rwy. passenger car, the Magic City,
was moved from Birmingham
to Calera for refurbishment.
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
A Midsouth engine, the number 1050, is seen in
Clark Yard in Calera, AL
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
A Southern baggage car, also
moved from Birmingham, sits
in Clark Yard in Calera
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
L&N Camp Car
located at the
Heart of Dixie Museum.
Clark Yard, Calera, AL.
This crane is in the
Calera & Shelby RR's
Clark Yard.
Coosa River Trestle, Childersburg, AL.
This shot was taken while on Hwy. 280 over the Coosa River.
Vincent, AL.
The American Orient Express
rolls West past a shut down
cotton gin in Vincent, AL.
Childersburg, AL
The AOE Westbound through
Childersburg, AL. on the concrete C of G trestle.
Yep, the picture is discolored.
US Pipe Switcher, Bessemer, AL.
This switcher can be seen inside the US Pipe Co.
at Bessemer, Alabama
Calera & Shelby Railroad
Birmingham Area Attractions
American Orient Express
Central of Georgia Fire Bucket
This CofGa fire bucket was a lucky find in a garage I tore down at my mothers house in Goodwater, AL.
Calera & Shelby Railroad ticket stub.
Calera & Shelby
Railroad Ticket
Georgia Southwestern 4027
Georgia Southwestern Railroad
4027 sitting in the yard at the Tom's Snacks factory.
Georgia Southwestern 4027
The long hood of the GSWR 4027.
NOLR Switcher
This switcher, a former New Orleans Lower Coast Railroad Incorporated unit, was seen in the Georgia Southwestern Yard in Columbus, GA.
Eastern Shore Railroad 2001
In Cape Charles, VA, the Eastern Shore Railroad 2001 is seen in the yard.
Eastern Shore Railroad 2085
The Eastern Shore Railroad 2085 also in the ESRR yard.
Eastern Shore Railroad N-5 Class Caboose
The Eastern Shore Railroad has this former N-5 Class Pennsylvania Railroad
caboose in its yard.
Clinchfield Trestle
Former Clinchfield Railroad, now CSX, trestle over I-85 just outside of Spartanburg, SC.
TVRM Ticket
Tennessee Valley
Railroad Museum
Out Of State Photos
Various Other Locations
Tallassee, AL.
The Birmingham & Southeastern
Railway's trestle over the Tallapoosa River in Tallassee, AL.
Thurlow Dam can be see in the background and the Hwy. 14 bridge is above the trestle.
Tallassee, AL.
The B&SE Trestle was built as a combined rail/wagon trestle. This shot is on the Tallapoosa County side of the bridge.
Imery's Plant, Sylacauga, AL.
This former Georgia Marble Co.
# 3 Davenport 65-ton switcher is located at Imery's marble quarry
in Gantt's Jct., (Sylacauga) AL..
Imery's Plant, Sylacauga, AL.
This motor was taken out of service and replaced with two General Electric motors.
Imery's 8008 GE
This GE 8008 is one of the
replacements for the 65-Ton
Davenport switcher at the Imery's plant in Sylacauga, AL.

Imery's 9009 GE
This GE 9009 was also delivered along with the 8008. Both units are former
Hammermill Paper Co. switchers that were refurbished
at the Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Company.
Planned to be used as the Chamber of Commerce, but plans were changed.
This Milwaukee Road passenger car is sitting at the intersection of US Hwy. 31 and Hwy. 25 in Calera, AL.
Mahrt, AL.
A former GSWR motorcar house originally located in Hurtsboro on the same line & moved here to Mahrt after the portion from Cottonton to
Mt. Meigs was closed.
Mahrt, AL.
The SAL drawbridge over the Chattahoochee River in Mahrt
is seen from Hwy. 208. Meads
plant can be see on the left.
Freight Scale in Roanoke
This Southern Rwy. scale
# B-4183 is inside the CofGa
depot in Roanoke, AL. The depot is used by a
carpet wholesale company.
This page covers locations and and other items that I don't believe fits into the other pages. Though long, this page has some very interesting shots.
If you have any other interesting shot's that you'd like to see here, Email me and I'll let you know what I need to create a good photo.
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